Woman clinically dead for 45 minutes brought back to life just before daughter gives birth

A woman had gone to a hospital to see the birth of her granddaughter when she suffered a heart attack. She was resuscitated just before the child was born through a C-section

A woman who had been clinically dead for 45 minutes after having a heart attack was resuscitated just before her daughter give birth with an emergency C-section.

Kathy Patten, from Maryland in the United States, has called it a “miracle” how she has now been given a second chance at life.

She had no pulse or oxygen to the brain for 45 minutes as doctors at Greater Baltimore Medical Center desperately fought to bring her back on July 22, this year.

Ms Patten had been playing golf when she got a call that her daughter, Stacey Fifer was in labour.

The soon-to-be grandma for the eighth time, hurried to the hospital to be with her daughter, but she had a heart attack just as she arrived.

Kathy Patten was clinically dead for 45 minutes without a pulse



The medical personnel rushed her to the emergency room, where they attempted CPR and administered oxygen, but to no avail.

Ms Patten had no heart rate, pulse, blood pressure, or oxygen to the brain for 45 minutes, which indicated she was clinically dead.

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At the same time, Stacey was facing a delivery that required an emergency C-section.

Then, as Ms Patten describes it, the first miracle occurred, and the medical team was able to resurrect her.

She came around just before her grandchild was born



“I’m grateful to God for giving me another opportunity,” she said.

“I’ll simply be the greatest person I can be. Coming back is a second shot at life, and it’s terrifying.”

Shortly afterwards Stacy gave birth to baby Alora.

She said: “It was just fate that my mum was intended to be here.

Ms Patten has described it as a “miracle” and said she will make the most of her second chance



“My mum is here because of Alora, and she happened to be in the right place at the right moment. She is nothing short of a walking miracle.”

Dr Dov Frankel, one of the medics who looked after Ms Patten, was equally astounded by the events.

He said: “I don’t say welcome, I say thank you.

“You taught us the meaning of life. You showed us what it meant to never give up.”

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