Woman cringes at ‘worst date ever’ where bloke made her buy 100 tacos

A woman has shared the mortifying story of her first (and last) date with a man who bought 100 tacos with her money.

In a cringe-inducing TikTok video uploaded on October 7, Elyse Myers @elsyemyers says she met the guy on a dating app and was charmed when he said: “I like your face, let’s go get some food.”

He suggested he drove them both to a restaurant, but when Elyse got to his house he had apparently “lost” his keys and asked her to drive him both to a place to eat.

Elyse recalls: “We end up at a Taco Bell, which is fine. I’m, like, ‘Dine or drive-thru?’ and he’s, like, ‘Drive-thru’.

“And, like, great, he has a plan. We get to the speaker and he just leans over and goes, ‘I would like 100 hardshell tacos. Thank you.'”

Elyse Myers recalls her worst first date

The guy then told Elyse he’d “forgotten his wallet” and so she forked out $149 (£109) for the insane amount of tacos.

When she drove him back home, Elyse says they ate together in awkward silence.

She recalls: “We walk past his dad and into the kitchen, and he just starts emptying the boxes of tacos, just releasing them onto the table. Puts two chairs at the table sits down and he just screams at the top of his lungs, ‘Let’s feast!’

“I just calmly unwrap my taco and take a bite of it. We are eating hardshell tacos in complete silence.

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Taco Bell is a popular chain in the US

“The dad walks up, grabs a taco, there’s one hundred of them we have so many to spare.

“He’s eating over us, just standing, doesn’t sit, stands right next to the table, crunches mouthfuls.”

Elyse says the final straw was when her date’s dad asks: “He just looks at me and he goes, ‘Do you want to see my studio?’

“It was that moment that I decided this date was completely over or else I was going to be killed, 100%.

“I walk out with boxes of tacos in my purse, I look back and was like, ‘Thank you for this experience. You will never hear from me again.'”

The video has been “liked” more than 2.3 million times and people were baffled by the whole story.

One user said: “You should be a comedian. The story delivery was impeccable.”

A second joked: “I swear when he said ‘let’s feast’ I envisioned there would be a stampede of kids or people running to get tacos!”


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