Woman defies trolls who called her ‘biggest catfish on TikTok’ with stunning makeover

Social media can be a great place to share what you get up to with your family, friends and the world.

However, having an online presence can leave you victim to trolls – with one woman being disgustingly branded the “biggest catfish on TikTok” due to her appearance before and after makeup.

Jes, who was targeted by nasty comments, has since undertaken a makeover.

She now feels more “confident” and is flourishing in the beauty industry.

Under the TikTok username @jesjemini, Jes spoke about being named the “biggest catfish on TikTok”.

In the viral clip that’s racked up a whopping 529,000 views and 36,000 likes, Jes shows her dramatic glow up that was inspired by trolls.

Jes shared what she looked like when she was attacked by trolls

The beauty influencer captioned the makeover video: “Amazing what a few months can do.”

First, Jes shows a ‘before’ picture of herself with no makeup and visible acne.

She added text to the video that explained, “When I went viral for being the ‘biggest catfish on TikTok’.”

Then the stunning influencer shared a clip of what she looks like now after receiving horrible online attacks from trolls.

She added text to the video which stated: “So I became a beauty influencer, got (money emoji) in my bag, got filler, botox and my skin cleared.”

jes explains video
Jes explained to fans how well she has been doing since she was crowned ‘biggest catfish on TikTok’

While we think Jes looked amazing before the makeover, she’s just as stunning nowadays.

The biggest difference is her confidence, which has helped her to garner 662,000 TikTok followers.

People quickly rushed to the comment section to provide their support to Jes, who once was at the brunt of severe trolling.

One user commented: “You’re absolutely beautiful with and without makeup! “

Another person added: “People are just jealous because you know how to do makeup and they don’t.”

Jes posing in dress
The stunning influencer has 662,000 followers on TikTok

However one person expressed that they felt ‘sad’ for Jes who felt she had to change her appearance.

The person said: “Kinda makes me sad not gonna lie. You are a beautiful girl no matter what. But glad you feel confident now.”

Jes replied to the concerned commenter: “I’ve always wanted some work done but finally being able to do it is so nice.”

That’s one way of getting back at the trolls!

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