Woman didn’t know what caused gross smell in bedroom until she looked under the carpet

While renovating their 16th century home, a couple discovered something rather unexpected underneath the floor in their bedroom as they were ripping up the old carpets

She never expected to find this under the carpet (Image: @CANDYRAINSALON/TIKTOK)



When renovating a property, there are a number of things that can go wrong and a number of things you can discover along the way.

For instance, we recently heard how one woman found a chalk outline of a body hidden under the carpet in her living room, while she was working on her floors.

And now it seems another couple have stumbled across something rather peculiar underneath the carpet in what will be their bedroom.

A TikTok user who posts under @candyrainsalon has been sharing the progress as she and her partner renovate their 16th century home and a recent find in the floor has caused them to go viral.

The mum filmed as they ripped up the carpet in their room to reveal a ‘secret manhole’.

But it gets weirder, as they tried to open the manhole, they started to smell something foul.

They say that it smells “so damp” as they attempt to prise the cover off, but when they finally get a look inside, the couple aren’t impressed.

“Oh my goodness,” the woman says as she looks inside to see a drainage system, or a ‘poo pipe’ as she calls it.

“We’d of had poos just floating beneath us, accusing each other of farting every night,” she adds.

The clip has garnered a lot of attention, being viewed more tha one million times and garnering over 35,000 likes.

Thousands also took the time to comment and share their thoughts on the discovery.

One person joked: “Put some glass over it, put a couple LED lights in it and use it as a feature.”

Another wrote: “What the hell?! I’d move.”

A third replied: “Not me holding my breath whilst watching this!” 

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