Woman discovers prison cell in her cellar but it’s far from the creepiest thing about her new home

A TIKTOK user has freaked people out after sharing a video of her home, which features many creepy features.

The woman, named Mallory, posted the video under her TikTok account ‘Malloryonthemoon’, sharing the strange features of her 1920s home.



Mallory gave a tour of her 1920s home leaving many people freaked outCredit: TikTok//@malloryonthemoon

The video is captioned: “Creepy and strange things in my 1920s home!”

Mallory gave a tour of her home and said: “Creepy and strange things in my 1920s home that really don’t make sense.

“So on the second floor of the house there is outdoor sighting along the walls and all the doors upstairs have door knockers and their own independent lights.

“I find that so creepy.

“The next thing is my basement. Yes, it used to be a jail cell.

“The state patrol would keep people down here when the jail was closed and then they would take them in the morning.

“Super creepy!

“So walking up from the basement, the door locks from the inside out, instead of from the outside, in, which I find really weird.

“The last thing I’m going to show you guys is this quirky wallpaper.

“I actually kept it, it was too cool not to keep, so it is currently in my dining room.”

The video has since gone viral with over one million views and 189,000 likes.

It has 1,030 comments and over 1,500 shares.

Many TikToker users were extremely creeped out by the jail cell in particular.

One person said: “I got chills when the jail came up…nah…”

Another added: “Oh so your house is HAUNTED haunted.”

A third commented: “Yes it used to be a jail cell.” LOL WUT”

Another user exclaimed: “How is everyone talking about the wallpaper and not the JAIL CELL?!”

However, many were obsessed with the unique mushroom wallpaper.

One TikTok user commented: “That wallpaper is incredible.”

Another said: “That wallpaper is what dreams are made of.”

A third added: “That shroom wallpaper is so dope.”

There is even a jail cell in the basement


There is even a jail cell in the basementCredit: TikTok//@malloryonthemoon

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