Woman discovers stinky secret manhole underneath carpet in her new bedroom

You never know what you may find when renovating an old house, as one couple has learned after stumbling upon something unexpected underneath their floor.

The TikToker who goes by @candyrainsalon has been updating her followers with the progress of the renovation of her and her partner’s 16th century home.

Though this particular discovery caused them to go viral – in the clip the TikToker filmed her partner removing carpet from the floor, only to uncover a strange “secret manhole.”

The manhole looked like it was sealed pretty tight as the man had to use a screwdriver to remove the cover, meanwhile, the TikToker jokes: “What’s inside…a body??”

As her partner attempts to yank the cover off and she details “To think we were going to leave the carpet in our bedroom until we could afford to change.”

Both commented noted how the smell was “so damp” as they finally managed to get the cover loose, though they weren’t exactly thrilled at what lay underneath.

“Oh my goodness,” the woman says as she peeps inside the manhole to find out that there was a cover for a very good reason – it was a drainage system aka the “poo pipe’” as the TikToker aptly names it.

After working hard to prise the cover open, it’s not exactly a smell you’d want to discover but there you have it.

“We’d had poos just floating beneath us,” she wrote, adding how she and her partner were “accusing each other of farting every night,” she adds.

Since posting their renovation find, the video has received 3.3m views, with over a thousand comments sharing their thoughts on the anti-climatic discovery.

One person wrote: “Woe! AS IF someone just covered it with carpet.”

To which the TikToker replied: “The carpet was all damp underneath too, gross.”

“Put some glass over it, put a couple LED lights in it and use it as a feature,” another person joked.

Someone else added: “So it was the underfloor demon farting instead?”

“The years of blaming each other for farting in bed,” a fourth person remarked.

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