Woman divides TikTok with ‘single and available’ Starbucks stunt

Most of us are pretty open about our relationship status. We have to be, given all the forms we have to fill out and the sea of dating apps that exist.

Still, those of us on a quest for love don’t tend to broadcast it to strangers in a cafe. That is, unless we’re hoping to get a good social media post out of it.

This is what happened when one TikTok user visited her local Starbucks.

Titling her adventure ‘Looking for love’, Rosette Luve (@rosette_luve) filmed herself ordering an iced coffee and offering an eyebrow-raising response when asked for her name.

“Single and available,” she told the bemused barista, repeating it when asked for clarification.

The clip then cuts to another worker reading from a cup and announcing: “I have a drink here for ‘single and available’.”

Grabbing her drink, Luve turns to face the rest of the cafe and declares proudly: “That’s me, I’m single and available.”

She continues: “I’m single and available, if anybody wants to know.” Then, pointing the camera at a young man minding his own business in the corner, she adds: “You can stop me if you want.”

Neither he, nor anyone else, reacts apart from a couple of much older punters, one of whom starts complimenting her (though it’s almost impossible to make out what he’s saying).

Luve’s clip racked up more than 1.2 million views and 175,000 comments in just one week, but not everyone was impressed by her stunt.

“This was painful to watch,” one TikToker wrote.

“I got second hand embarrassment,” said another.

Fellow TikTokers noted how the young man barely looked up from his phone


Others focused on the apparent object of her attention in the video, with one asking: “Did that guy actually put his hand up to hide his face?”

And a second pointed out: “It’s never the one you want, never! Even when we scream it out loud.”

Meanwhile, others were impressed by her elderly admirer, with one remarking: “No one says anything except [the] old guy – not the hero we wanted but the hero we needed.”

Viewers were big fans of her vocal admirer


Luve, for her part, appeared unphased by their criticism, responding: “It’s called putting yourself out there rather than be locked looking at a screen.”

She added with a laugh: “Been on a couple of great dates from this.”

Good for her.

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