Woman does some extreme social media stalking to catch out her then-boyfriend

A young woman went to extreme lengths to catch out her boyfriend, but it worked and now people are praising her for her ingenuity and commitment to uncovering the truth

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TikTok user’s friend reveals how she caught out her boyfriend

A woman has been praised after going to extreme lengths to catch out her then-boyfriend – which she managed to do after a mammoth effort.

TikTok star Chloe, @Chlopowell2, recorded a conversation with a friend who was describing how she managed to track her boyfriend, before adding triumphantly “I caught him”.

The anonymous woman said that her partner had gone out for the evening so the next day she searched for the venue he had visited, then viewed the profiles of every woman who had tagged the same place.

She then screen recorded each of their stories and slowed them down, until she could spot her man in the background – although she never reveals what she caught him doing.

Chloe seemed impressed by her friend’s tactics



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In the clip, titled ‘MI5 or the FBI please employ her’, the woman said: “I went on Instagram and went on location tag, then I searched the place he was at.

“Then I went on every girl’s profile that had tagged that place, went on their stories and viewed everyone’s stories.

“Then I screen recorded the videos and then slowed the video down to see if I could see him in the background.”

When she finally pauses for breath, a man can be heard exclaiming in the background – then she triumphantly adds: “I caught him.”

The video, uploaded on Wednesday, September 29, soon went viral and had over 760,000 views, alongside a slew of comments – which were all from people praising the woman.

One said: “How proud is she though? ‘I caught him’, love it. Hope she’s ok though.”

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And another added: “If you’ve got to the point where you need to do this the relationship is already done.”

While a third said: “I’m embarrassed that I never thought of this, she’s a genius.”

Other users admitted that they too had gone to such lengths, as one said: “Can promise I have done this too. Exhilarating, iconic, legendary.”

A fifth user simply said: “Sorry, but this is impressive.”

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