Woman dubbed ‘Karen’ savagely slated for blocking parking spot with her husband

Finding a parking spot can often be difficult in shopping centres.

But is it ever okay to hold a place for someone who hasn’t arrived there in their car?

One couple has been savagely mocked after a photo of “Karen” and her husband went viral on Reddit.

The user shared a snap of the pair who can be seen standing in front of two parking spots for their family.

It seems as though the situation occurred in the US.

In the caption, it read: “Karen and her husband blocking parking spots for their family who were ‘right around the corner’.”

The couple were slammed for their actions

The post racked up over 73,900 upvotes and over 6,500 comments since it was shared earlier this week.

One person wrote: “Yeah I’d imagine a few people have gotten killed over a parking space.”

Another added: “Park between them and take both parking spots.”

A third Reddit user commented: “Savage move,” while a fourth said: “Wow… this is pretty petty but also innocent, I like it! Lol.”

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Meanwhile other social media users actually thought it was a “brilliant” idea.

One said: “Thats actually a pretty good move.”

Another agreed: “This is brilliant.”

What do you make of this couple’s tactics? Let us know in the comments section below…

In other Reddit news, a user hit out at “snobs” who don’t use scissors when cutting pizza.

The person defended their decision to using scissors when trying to slice the food.

They said: “It’s convenient, okay?

“Don’t make the pizza taste any different, all you snobs with your stainless steel pizza slicing wheels and ‘kitchen knives’.


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