Woman Explains How She And Her Twin Brother Were Born 2 Years Apart

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It sounds like the start of a riddle, but one woman has told the real-life story of how she was born a whole two years after her twin brother.

Sarah Sargent (@sar_sarge) confused her TikTok followers after posting a video in which she told the wild story of how she found out as a teenager that her older brother, Will, was actually her twin after her parents ‘forgot to tell her’ until she was sixteen.

Now, after receiving hundreds of messages demanding a proper explanation, she’s posted a follow-up video clearing up exactly how her unique family came to be.

Sarah and Will Sargent (Caters News Agency)Caters News Agency

‘My brother is two years old than me and yes, we are twins because we were born through IVF and we were formed in the same womb,’ Sarah began, explaining that she and her brother were both created as embryos during the same round of IVF (in-vitro fertilisation.)

But rather than carrying both her and her brother at the same time, Sarah said that during the process ‘they took me out and put me in an IVF freezer for two years.’ At this point, Sarah was still an embryo rather than a developing foetus, and while her twin brother was implanted into her mother’s womb first as the most viable embryo, her chances of actually being born were apparently quite slim.

‘As my parents explained it to me I was the fourth most viable embryo,’ Sarah recalled, ‘apparently the chances of me actually working were quite low.’

Sarah’s story has sparked a lot of discussion over whether children born from embryos produced in the same round of IVF are actually classified as ‘twins,’ with one mother commenting ‘My babies are from the same collection too but I had never considered them to be twins. Interesting thought. Either way you’re both miracles.’

‘Congrats on winning the swimming race,’ another viewer joked.

Incredibly, Sarah’s parents ‘forgot’ to mention this minor detail about her relationship to her brother until she was sixteen, and as the clip she posted of her finding out proves, it was more than a little bit of a shock.


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