Woman explains how to curl your hair without heat – and all you need is socks

Do you dream of waking up with perfect hair? Don’t we all. Now, your wish has been granted as one woman shared a hack that will give you gorgeous waves while you catch some Z’s

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TikToker explains how to curl your hair without heat

Taming unruly bed hair can be tricky and time-consuming, so thankfully, one woman has shared how you can achieve Hollywood curls overnight, so you can spend those extra 15 minutes snoozing.

Bev, @222bev, on TikTok, responded to a fellow user’s plea for her to share how she achieves her bouncy curls using no heat at all, and only two socks.

While this method can be done on slightly wet hair, Bev prefers for her hair to be completely dry as it’s so thick that she’s woken up the next morning with it still being damp.

In the video, which has since amassed 1.6 million views, Bev begins by liberally spraying her hair with leave-in conditioner, before brushing out any tangles.

You need two fluffy socks



Wrap the hair around the socks



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Then, she grabs two socks – but not any old socks.

Bev says they have to be big, fluffy socks as not only do they give you those beautiful loose waves, but they’re also comfortable to sleep in, which is a must.

Once she’s divided her hair into three sections, the first from the hairline to the ear, she takes the sock and begins to wrap the hair around it a couple of times before grabbing the second chunk of hair.

She wraps the hair twice more, then incorporates the final section of hair.

It’s as easy as that



“The reason why I only like to do it in three and not in four or more is that it gives me more of that big bouncy blowout type of curl,” she says.

She continues wrapping the hair around the sock until she reaches the bottom, before stretching the opening of the sock up and over the hair to secure it in place.

Repeat this process on the overside and you’re ready for bed.

When you wake up in the morning, gently unravel the sock from your hair to reveal gorgeous curls.

Since being posted, the video has been liked more than 283,000 times and has received almost 1,000 comments from people thanking Bev for sharing the simple – yet life-changing – hack.

One person said: “Wait this looks so easy, thank you.”

Another wrote: “I did not just see this at 1am and get out of bed just to try it.”

A third revealed: “I’ve been doing this since last March, it’s amazing my hair has gotten so long and healthy because of the lack of heat damage.”

“Omg this looks so much easier than the bathrobe curl method,” said someone else.

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