Woman exposes reality of growing out blonde roots and is told she looks ‘bald’

A woman with naturally fair hair has joked about the nightmare she goes through when her roots grow out – with people saying it looks like balding.

Nicole Huck made the video in response to natural brunettes who bleach their hair blonde and complain about having to spend “so much time” colouring it.

“Sorry but reversed is THE WORST,” she says in the clip.

Nicole then takes off her hat and shows her blonde roots growing out after she dyed her hair black a few weeks before.

The video has been watched more than 4 million times on Nicole’s @nicole.h.413 TikTok channel since she uploaded it on Monday (January 3) and viewers are in hysterics.

Nicole shows what it’s like to grow out blonde roots

People in a similar situation agreed with Nicole and said the awkward root growth combined with pale skin looks like “balding”.

One user commented: “I look like I’m BALDING when my hair grows in lol.”

A second person shared: “I’m blonde and have red hair and it looks like I’m balding when it grows out.”

“I’m sorry but it literally looks so funny the more it grows out,” wrote a third viewer.

Everyone with blonde hair is saying the same thing
Everyone with blonde hair is saying the same thing

Someone else commented: “I FELT THIS SO MUCH walking around looking like I was going bald cuz I wanted brown hair.”

“How is this the first time I’m seeing a blonde person’s roots?” asked another viewer.

Spotting potential, a fan pointed out: “Okay but you could totally grow it out and do the Billie Eilish thing without having to get your roots done lmao.”

Nicole saw the funny side and a few days later posted a video of hair after it was dyed again and it looked beautiful.

This comes after a woman suffering from an awful dye job shows how her hair was fried to a crisp by bleach.

And another woman was hospitalized and left looking “like an alien” when she had a severe reaction to hair dye that swelled up her head and chest.


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