Woman faces backlash after she makes her son pose for a video

One of YouTuber Jordan Cheyenne’s videos has gone viral on Twitter, sparking an immediate backlash.

The vlogger quickly removed the video and posted subsequent videos apologizing for her actions involving her son, and has addressed her plans for her social media content in the future.

Who Is Jordan Cheyenne?

Cheyenne is a vlogger based in California with over 537,000 subscribers on YouTube.

She has public videos on the platform that were posted as early as 2013 and describes herself as a “beauty and lifestyle content creator.”

On her website, she also lists herself as an Instagram growth coach and influencer, offering her services to help female entrepreneurs boost their social media followings and monetize their audience.

Cheyenne is also a single mother to an eight-year-old son, who she previously included in her vlogs.

YouTube Backlash

Earlier this week, Cheyenne shared a vlog in which she talked about adopting a new puppy who had contracted parvovirus.

Visibly emotional, she explained that it wasn’t clear if the dog would survive.

At the end of the video, she had accidentally included footage of her encouraging her distressed son to pose with her for a thumbnail.

Directing him, she said: “Come closer, put your head right here. Act like you’re crying.”

He responded “I am crying,” as she continued to instruct him on how to position his face and hands.

Though she removed the video quickly, a screen recording was shared on Twitter and currently has over 800,000 views.

Cheyenne uploaded a subsequent video with the title “I am immensely dissapointed in myself [sic]” on the same day, apologizing for her actions.

“That was so disgusting of me, I should not have done that at all,” she said.

After seeing people’s comments on the original footage, she explained that she had rewatched it and agreed with what many thought of it: “So many of you said ‘girl, we already saw that we’re so disappointed in you and the mom you are, why would you make him pose for a thumbnail?’, and my heart dropped.

“I rewatched it and you guys are completely right.”

She went on to thank fans who called her out and in another video she made a commitment to stop including her child in future video and is in the process of removing previous videos featuring him from her channel.

“I have made the decision that is 100 percent the healthiest for my child and his mental health to be off the camera,” she said.


Cheyenne made it clear her decision was not in response to any backlash or online hate, adding: “All I can do is move forward, not include him in future content, take a step back from social media, reevaluate what is my mindset and what is reality and f***ing learn and grow from this.

“I am so sorry to my audience but really mostly sorry to my child… He’s fine, he’s safe, he’s healthy, he loves being in videos but I know that he is not old enough to consent to that.”

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