Woman Finds Huge Snake in the Bathroom of Her New Apartment

Ali Skipper, a woman from Orlando, Florida, recently got the scare of her life after walking into her bathroom and finding a huge snake slithering across the counter.

According to Ali, who lives in the Baldwin Park area, she believes that the snake might have been inside the apartment for a while, living under the fridge ever since she moved in.

Scared, she took to Facebook to ask for help and posted a picture of the 4-foot python curled up next to a bottle of scented soap, seemingly pressing its head against the mirror.

The snake inside Ali Skipper's bathroom | Photo: Twitter.com/FOX2News

The snake inside Ali Skipper’s bathroom | Photo: Twitter.com/FOX2News

It was later reported that the animal was safely rescued by animal control. It is believed that it belonged to the previous resident, who abandoned the reptile at the apartment.


Snakes are amongst the scariest creatures a person can find at home, especially when there is more than one. Trish Wilcher, an Augusta, Georgia resident, also found a snake in her home… along with 17 others!

According to a Facebook post from three weeks ago, Trish was getting ready for bed when she happened to spot what looked like a “piece of fuzz” on the floor, under her bed.

When she went to pick it up, the fuzz moved. Instead of panicking, Trish immediately called her husband Max and together turned the room upside-down, looking for more snakes.

In total, they found 17 snakes, all babies, plus the momma snake. As it turned out, there was some construction being done down the street, and a large piece of land was cleared.

It is always best to assume that a snake is poisonous.


With nowhere to go, the snake found its way into Trish and Max’s home and decided to have her babies there. However, despite being scared, the couple took quite good care of the animals.

Using a grabber tool, Max picked up and placed each snake inside a linen bag before taking them to a nearby creek to release them, safe and sound.

According to Daniel Sollenberger, a biologist for the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, it’s not uncommon for snakes to sneak into people’s homes as they can get through small cracks and are hard to detect.

One of the most common ways for snakes to enter someone’s home is through the pipe system, which is why some people report finding snakes in their toilets.


If a person happens to find a snake in their home, it is always best to assume that it is poisonous, even though only 600 out of the over 3000 species of snakes are actually venomous.

Bag traps and glue traps are great ways to capture a snake wandering around the house, but it is always better to play it safe and call a professional to rescue the reptile.

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