Woman finds out boyfriend is cheating after he starts talking in his sleep

Bailey Hunter recently took to TikTok to share the various red flags she noticed when her boyfriend was cheating on her – starting with him talking in his sleep

Woman reveals how she caught her boyfriend cheating by his SLEEP talking

Many people who’ve been cheated on say they just felt a gut feeling that something wasn’t right. For others, however, the red flags are right there in front of them.

One woman has told how she first began arousing suspicions about her boyfriend, when he was sleeping one night and accidentally yelled out a woman’s full name. It really doesn’t get anymore awkward than that.

“So I get out of bed and I look up this girl on Facebook and I notice she’s married and has kids so I don’t really think too much of it,” Bailey Hunter explained in a clip shared to TikTok.

“When he wakes up in the morning I ask him about her and he’s like ‘oh she’s just some girl I went to high school with’ but I wasn’t fully convinced.”

Bailey started seeing red flags after her boyfriend said a woman’s name in his sleep

She later found more evidence he was up to no good

Not believing her own boyfriend’s tale of events, Bailey decided to message the woman to ask whether she had recently spoken to her boyfriend, and the woman’s bizarre response raised yet another red flag.

“The way she responded is what put me even more on edge. She was like ‘you need to mind your own business, you’re just his crazy ex-girlfriend’ and I was like ‘excuse me I’m not his ex-girlfriend, he’s living in my house, I’m paying for his phone bill, he drives my car to work, he’s very much my boyfriend’.”

So, Bailey decided to put her detective hat on to try and work out what was going on for herself, starting by checking her fella’s phone bill to look for anything suspicious – since it was in her name and she was the one paying the bill.

“Since it’s only my name on the phone plan I’m able to view all of the phone calls from all of the phones on that line,” she said.

“So I start looking through his phone calls and notice a 45-minute phone call with a number I didn’t recognise. When I ask him about this he was just like ‘I’ve never made a 45-minute phone call, the company must have made a mistake’.”

Unsurprisingly, Bailey was not convinced, and by this point she’d decided it was time to call time on their relationship, therefore meaning he would need to move out of her house.

But, the boyfriend didn’t take well to this news, and spouted a whole sob story about how he “had no where to go.”

“Honestly, not my problem, you should have thought about that before. So a couple of days later I’m texting him and asking for the phone back,” Bailey said.

“He told me he already spoke to a cop about it and he’s not giving me my phone back because there’s nothing I can do. There may have not been anything I could do to get it back but I decided to report the phone stolen so at least that way he couldn’t use it either.”

After that, Bailey’s now-ex boyfriend was supposed to come to her home to collect his things, but when he never showed up, she made the discovery that he’d blocked her number. So, what did she do? She sold all his belongings, including his car, to make up for having to pay to cancel his phone contract.

Bailey, we hope that revenge tasted sweet.

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