Woman flaunts ‘sexy, saggy tummy’ to show you don’t need flat tum for low-cut jeans

Many people feel pressure to have a flat stomach if they’re wearing low-cut jeans.

However, TikTok user Jessica Blair has flaunted her “sexy, saggy tummy” to show that anyone can wear the fashion staple.

The redhead uploaded a short video where she showed off her curves and lowered her jeans to allow her stomach to hang free.

She captioned the clip: “Forcing y’all to see my saggy tummy this summer [because] I don’t care anymore!”

Jessica then added: “Here’s a reminder that you don’t need a flat stomach to rock low rise jeans.

“You don’t. Look at me… not a flat stomach in sight. But I’m hot, sexy, beautiful. F*** fatphobia.”

She says you don’t have a flat stomach to wear low-cut jeans

Many people rushed to praise the bold video as one person told her: “Yes girl, OWN IT!”

While another added: “This is the most iconic video I’ve seen all day.”

However, Jessica was still hit with cruel trolls.

One told her: “Another said: “No one is scared of [fat] people… it’s just not attractive. We didn’t choose what we find attractive.”

While another wrote: “Over confidence is not attractive, it’s denial.”

TikTok user Jessica Blair shows off her "sexy, saggy tummy" in jeans
She showed off her stomach in a TikTok video

TikTok user Jessica Blair shows off her "sexy, saggy tummy" in jeans
She says she “doesn’t care” about showing off her stomach anymore

The post comes after plus size model Isabel Nicholls Nall slammed haters as she posed in a bikini earlier this week.

The 22-year-old, from Worcester, took to her Instagram page to pose in the skimpy swimwear as she slammed those to treat people poorly.

The photo saw Isabel flaunting her mind-blowing figure as she posed on her bed.

Captioning the post, she wrote: “I truly hate how harshly people will treat anyone who is different in any way.

“The face is just art for the wicked, the heart is home for the wise and pure. Your features are unique to you, don’t let it hold you from thriving.”

One fan exclaimed: “Preach sista,” while another added: “Love this message babe! You look stunning!!!”

A third told her: “I’m obsessed with you.”

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