Woman gets dragged away so that she doesn’t ruin the proposal surprise

Sometimes our excitement gets the better of us, however honourable our intentions.

That’s why, when one woman was about to witness a family member’s surprise proposal, she was swiftly removed from the scene.

Her loved-ones decided not to tell her about the romantic plans because they knew she would be “extra” about it and possibly ruin the moment for the couple.

It fell to her husband to ensure she kept schtum, so he crept up behind her and dragged her away, his hand over her mouth.

The incident was captured on film and later shared on TikTok, with the video racking up more than 24.6 million views and 4.4 likes in just six days.

It begins by showing three women huddled together for a photo, before the husband stealthily approaches his wife from behind and pulls her to one side.

As the other women turn round, one of them catches sight of her significant other bent down on one knee.

Meanwhile, the kidnapped cousin is released by her well-intentioned captor, leaving her to express her shocked delight at the scene before her.

The caption to the clip reads: “So our cousin didn’t know about the proposal…. and we knew she’d be extra.

“So her husband had ONE job…. don’t ruin the romantic moment. Definitely a much better reaction than we anticipated.”

Fellow TikTokers have delighted in the hilarious and elaborate ploy with more than 31,400 commenting on the clip.

“It’s the fact that you can tell by her reaction that this was 100% necessary, she would have ruined it,” one wrote.

“Why do I have a feeling that’s not the first time he’s had to do this with his wife?,” another joked.

A third commented wryly: “That man understood the assignment AND THEN SOME.”

While a fourth praised the woman’s reaction, saying: “That’s true love right there. She’s not even mad [because] she knows what had to be done.”

Sure it’s not your textbook romantic moment, but it still seems to have had a fairytale ending for all.

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