Woman gets infected earlobe after boyfriend puts penis through stretcher hole

A panicked woman took to Facebook for advice after her ear became infected after a bizarre sexual encounter with her partner.

The woman posted in “B*tch Diaries” on the social media site asking for advice from other women as she claims her boyfriend put his penis through the hole where she has been stretching her earlobes.

She wrote: “Me and my boyf were getting at it and he tried putting his penis through my stretched ear and this is the outcome?

“What can I tell the hospital has happened? Or is there anything I can do to treat this at home?”

Her concerned post was backed up by before and after pictures of the stretched hole that looks a bit yellow and infected.

The panicked woman went viral after getting an infected ear lobe from her boyfriend

There is also a definite difference in the size of the hole in her earlobe – although Facebook users still questioned ‘how small’ her partner’s appendage is.

It is unclear what she did in the end but as she posted it on social media, it is natural that things got out of hand as her post was screenshotted and shared almost 39,000 times.

One commenter wrote: “New fetish unlocked.”

Another added: “Looks like gonnor-ear!”

ear stretcher
The stretcher hole before the incident

A third said: “Wtf made him want to do that?!”

“Yeah chop his d**k off it’s obvs got underlining issues,” a fourth said, adding a laughing emoji.

In other weird sex news, a man died after using a strong adhesive as an alternative to condoms during a hotel hookup with his fiance.

He was admitted to Sola Civil Hospital, where his condition deteriorated, and he died.

During a forensic examination, it was determined that the cause of death was make-shift contraception.

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