Woman ghosts date after huge ‘red flag’ caught on doorbell camera late at night

A woman took to TikTok to share the massive red flag with her followers, and added that she would be ghosting the man as it was the second warning sign she had seen in him

TikTok user reveals ‘red flag’ following her date


A woman said she was going to ghost her date after a huge ‘red flag’ was caught on her doorbell camera late at night.

TikTok star Jade shared a video with her fans, demonstrating the man’s gaffe that made sure the pair wouldn’t be dating anymore.

In the clip, Jade can be seen walking to her front door and letting herself in, but before she does she turns back and checks to see if her date is still there, as the Daily Star reports.

But to her shock, the man had already driven away before Jade had let herself into the house – which to her was the second red flag, ruining their romantic relationship.

Jade shared the red flag behaviour with her fans on TikTok

Jade decided she would have to ghost her date

What do you think about the man’s actions, would that be a red flag for you? Let us know in the comments

In the video, Jade can be heard saying “and he didn’t wait until I get into the house. Red flag number two. I am ghosting” before she enters her home.

Jade said it was a major turn-off when a date “does not wait for you to get into the house before driving away”.

Her video has since amassed seven million views and many were curious to know what was her first red flag sign.

She answered in the comments: “Red flag number one was not opening any doors for me. He did pay though so props for that.”

One follower then replied said: “I literally wait for anyone I’m dropping off to get into their house. Woman or man. It’s because I care about their safety!”

Another wrote: “Even my Uber driver waits for me to go inside.”

But a third argued: “Why would he open doors for you? You’ve got two functioning hands?

“Why does he have to pay you? You ate too right?”

A fourth commented: “He probably acted the way he did because he saw red flags from you as well. Goes both ways and this is only one side of the story.”

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