Woman Gives Birth Around The Same Time As The Cat She Adopted Not Long Ago

A pregnant woman who gave a home to a pregnant cat sometime last year is excited as she and her pregnancy companion welcomed their babies on the same day.

Shortly after taking in last year, Lauren Maners found herself a buddy in a stray cat, Dove. She took in the furry white animal after rescuing her from the side of the road, where she lay injured, malnourished and pregnant.

Lauren and her husband Kainan took her to the vet for treatment. They then tried finding the cat’s owner, to no avail. Finally, they adopted the cat, and the two pregnant moms bonded instantly.

The woman admitted to having a connection with Dove at first sight since they were both pregnant. The thought of having another mom give birth to her kids on the street prompted Lauren to make the cat the newest member of her family.

The two expectant moms became inseparable as the days went by, with Dove following her buddy everywhere. The two would often hang out in the fenced-in area of their home, eating breakfast together as Lauren rubbed Dove’s furry tummy.

Months later, the woman, who admittedly loves animals and often volunteered at shelters, finally put to bed, welcoming her beautiful baby girl, Kylie.

Upon arriving home with her newborn, she discovered more good news. Joy filled Lauren’s heart as she found Dove surrounded by her six furry kittens.

While the new mom was not present to witness her cat’s birth, she suspects the kittens landed on the planet at the same time as Kylie. The possibility of their births coinciding has led the woman to dub her newborn “cat girl in the making.”

Lauren detailed the phases of her life with her pregnancy buddy, from their first meeting to their delivery, on Twitter. In one of her posts, she admitted she previously resolved never to take in a stray cat again.

However, her resolve crumbled the moment she set eyes on Dove in an empty lot. She joked that she and the cat had formed their own pregnant girls’ club in another post.

Kylie spent months bonding with the kittens as her mom fostered the family of seven. Eventually, Lauren had to find homes for all the cats.

Gladly, Dove’s new family had close ties with Lauren, making it possible for them to keep in touch. The story of the two moms has moved many to tears, inspiring them to perform such kind deeds.

Meanwhile, the new mom has been vocal about the dangers of emulating her actions and how failing to spay and neuter one’s cat could cause the population of stray cats to explode.

In 2018, the story of a cat, Ulla, who turned up pregnant at the Dyrenes Venner medical center went viral. The cat’s reaction after discovering her pregnancy through an ultrasound especially made the rounds on the internet.

After welcoming her kittens, the shelter made a point of spaying them before finding them new homes. Lauren’s story has also dispelled some myths surrounding cats, especially those that imply the furry animals pose a danger to pregnant women.


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