Woman has the sweetest encounter with a cat during morning run

The video of the woman meeting the cat has prompted people to post love-filled comments.

What do you do when a sweet little cat approaches you to say “Hi.”? Of course, you pet the animal and express how adorable it looks. That is exactly what this Instagram user did. And now, a video of the woman’s encounter with a cat has amused people. There is a possibility that the clip will leave you smiling too.

The video was originally shared back in September by Instagram user Lynnae Self. It again captured people’s attention after being re-shared on Instagram page Nextdoor. “When you’re the chosen one,” reads the caption shared along with the video.

Take a look at the super sweet video:


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The video, since being posted, has gathered nearly 2,000 likes and counting. The share has also prompted people to post varied comments.

“I wish this would happen to me… I’m going to start running,” wrote an Instagram user. “You can’t say no when you are chosen,” posted another. “This is my dream,” expressed a third.

What are your thoughts on the video?


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