Woman has ‘wild’ clash with ‘miserable b*****d’ neighbour in row over wheelie bins

Taking the bins out is usually the task that any member of the household wants to avoid.

And this one woman probably wished that she did just that, as the wheelie bins have caused a massive war between her and her neighbours.

The woman took to Reddit to share how the “wild” clash had started.

She titled the post: “Just been threatened by a neighbour over the bins”.

Unfortunately for the woman, her neighbours had decided that outside her house was the “designated wheelie bin area.”

The woman said: “I don’t know who and I don’t know why, but every week my gate and path would be filled with wheelie bins.”

The woman had enough of her neighbours bins being left outside her house
(Image: Perthshire Advertiser)

She continued: “That in itself wasn’t a huge problem, mildly annoying, but it then led to general fly tipping and more and more wheelie bins.

“People began to assume that the stretch of pathway outside my house was now just a general dumping ground, so today, I had enough.”

Tired of being the local mothers meeting for bins, the woman finally took some action.

She said: “I wrote a note on one of the bins to stop leaving them outside my house and then wheeled them about 300 metres away from my property to make them someone else’s problem.

However, this led to a reaction by the neighbour she pegged as a “miserable ba****d” and that she “generally dislikes” because he wakes up the woman on the weekends “sawing and drilling from 7am”.

angry pointing man
The note the woman left angered one of her neighbours
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The apparent grumpy neighbour then knocked on the woman’s door, she said he was “waving my note around.”

Shockingly, the woman discovered it was this neighbour who was the culprit leaving the bins outside her house because “the council told him to”.

Not having an excuse, the woman asked the man to find another place to put the bins.

She said: “It was causing me issues and I keep having to clean up people’s mess and dumped crap because of it…

“He said if I touch his bins again ‘we’ll have a problem’.”

open bins
The woman really has got stuck in a rubbish situation
(Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

The woman was not going to be scared by this and challenged the difficult neighbour.

She admitted: “If he dumps them outside my house again we’ll have a bigger problem.”

Getting heated the woman’s boyfriend “grabbed” the woman and “pulled” her back inside whilst the woman was “slamming the door” and told the neighbour to “f*** off.”

The woman ended the post by saying: “I’ve never had a neighbourly dispute before and it was a bit wild. I’m anxious as to where he’ll leave his bins again next week.”

People quickly rushed to the comments to offer the woman some advice on how to handle the really rubbish situation.

One user commented: “Take the wheels off his bins.”

Another added: “Sensible advice – Maybe contact the council and see if what your neighbours are telling you is true.”

“Not so sensible advice – bring the bins inside your gate.

“Assume the neighbours have given you a gift. Then wait for them to ask for them back.”

And a third said: “Superglue the lids closed, blame the warm weather?”

The joys of having neighbours.


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