Woman horrified after expensive wedding cake arrives – and looks nothing like pictures

One of the best parts of a wedding day is seeing the extravagance of the all-important cake.

But for TikTok user AG Wright, that part turned into an utter nightmare after she posted a video of the horrific wedding cake a company in Nashvile, America, had make for her.

Having requested a three-tiered, stunning flower-themed cake, what she got can only be described as a complete disaster.

More than 340,000 viewers of the video were shown a picture of a beautiful cake with white flowers, greenery, and black detail.

They are then shown the horrendous mess that arrived from the company who created something far worse than anyone could have expected.

This is not the cake she thought she was getting

Instead of flowers, the cake was daubed with black splotches dotted around each of the tiers which made it look as if a small child had made it.

One viewer wrote: “I would be in shambles rocking back and forth on the floor. I can’t.”

The cake was thought to have cost around $550 (£404), which is already extortionate for a wedding cake in today’s world.

This was what she wanted, but didn't get
This was what she wanted, but didn’t get

But, for Ms Wright, this story does have a happy ending, as she posted three more video updates on the cake.

One shows how a friend of hers managed to rescue the cake, re-covering the entire thing and creating a new pattern, so that it looked how it should have looked to start with.

It comes after a wife was left fuming after she realised her husband had managed to tape over their wedding day with an episode of his favourite TV show.

And in even more bizarre news, a bloke decided to “marry his rice cooker” before, unsurprisingly, splitting up just a few days later.

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