Woman installs security cameras after previous Uber Eats driver shows up to her home in middle of the night

A popular TikTok creator has installed security cameras in her home after a strange encounter with Uber Eats driver who showed up to her home at 1am.

Two days ago, Bobbie Prestes, 25, shared an alarming story on her “personal” TikTok account. Back in August, Bobbie and her husband shared a friendly conversation with an Uber Eats driver who delivered their food while the couple was sitting outside on the porch. Although they usually opt for the “no-contact delivery” option, the two just happened to be outside to greet the driver.

Earlier this week, the same delivery driver showed up to Bobbie’s house with a bag of Taco Bell—but the couple hadn’t ordered any food.

Bobbie was asleep while her husband was outside drinking coffee on the porch. According to her husband, the man walked up to him and said, “Hi, do you remember me?” He then proceeded to comment that the couple’s pool was closed, even though that area on the property is fenced off and concealed from view.

Bobbie woke up to the sound of the driver’s voice. After the interaction, her husband came inside and asked if she had ordered food. When Bobbie said no, he asked if she remembered the guy who delivered food back in August.

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According to the TikToker, the initial conversation with the driver had been pleasant and nothing out of the ordinary: “He basically was just saying that he really loved our house, and he liked the area that we were in, and he said that he grew up around here. And then he was saying that he went to the local elementary school, which we happen to live pretty close to.”

A spokesperson has said that the delivery was a mistake and that the order was simply meant for another customer. However she claims there are no Taco Bell restaurants that deliver past midnight in her area.

After the video’s view count progressed into the millions, Bobbie made two follow-up TikToks with updates and clarifications.

Following the unnerving incident, Bobbie and her husband bought security cameras, including a Ring camera, after the man left. She also assured her followers that the house already has an alarm system. Because of the video’s viral status, Uber Eats reached out to Bobbie and she is still awaiting a personal statement from the company.


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