Woman jumps off cliff in viral TikTok – but all’s not as it seems

A woman left fellow TikTok users horrified after she filmed herself leaping from the top of a cliff.

User Monica San Luis (@monicasanluiss) carried out the stunt for a jokey video titled: “When your friends wanna talk about what happened last night.”

The clip sees her looking fleetingly at the camera (and mouthing the lyrics to a song from Lorde’s new album Solar Power), before hopping off the grassy edge.

“My drinking anxiety can’t handle it, [sorry],” she wrote in a caption to the clip.

It soon racked up more than 2.2 million views and 349,000 likes, as fellow TikTokers demanded to know how she pulled off the illusion or just voiced their terror at the scene.

“Omg that jump made me nauseous, WHERE IS SHE?” one wrote.

“My anxiety can’t handle you casually jumping off a cliff… [Obviously] know you landed on something but where did you land?!!” asked another.

“Need a reveal of where you jumped to,” insisted a third.

Almost a month later, Monica finally obliged: offering a “behind-the-shot”-style look at her daredevilish trick.

The follow-up shows her, again, jumping from the precipice overlooking the vast ocean surrounding Hawaii. But, this time, the camera reveals her waving happily from another ledge hidden just below.

And yet, viewers weren’t particularly reassured by her explanation, with many suggesting they would slip up after the short jump and plummet to their deaths anyway.

“I’m so clumsy I would fall down,” one wrote.

“I could NOT trust myself to do this,” said another.

“I would’ve landed weirdly and then rolled my ankle and then fallen to my left, and then I’d just be rolling down the cliff at that point,” added a third (who’d clearly thought about it a lot).

Monica tried to convince them that the second ridge is “much bigger in person”.

Still, we’d rather leave stunts up to the professionals, thanks all the same.

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