Woman Jumps on Roof of a Man’s Car Allegedly For No Reason

That past week has seen drastic updrafts of events spur around East London bringing in a series of commotion among netizens. Twitter has delivered new content for its users showing the clip of a woman jumping on top of a car. But it didn’t come without any deficit for funny coincidences.

A user named AminNumeroUno took to Twitter and made public the video of an East Londoner running rampant around cars and making rooftops into her little trampolines. Though there wasn’t any clear reason for the woman jumping around the streets only to get into trouble later, netizens have taken the comment section on a whole new level.

In the video taken by AminNumeroUno, we can see a blonde woman in a yellow pleated skirt jumping above the roof of a black car. Immediately, we can see the driver jumping out of his car and rush to push the ecstatic woman from the roof. As soon as she falls onto the ground, the man aggressively stands over the woman after her reckless action.

While continuously apologizing, the man knew she was just one of those out of her mind and let her go on her way, wanting to avoid more conflict. The Twitter post even read, “Literally just saw this in Forrest gate, its just crazy these days in east London..”.

While most in the comment section claimed she was just in the middle of her TikTok, most others came to quick conclusions about what they found in the background of the video. Linking to the drug store found in the background, most commentators immediately exclaimed that the woman was mostly enjoying the after-effects of what was sold there.

“Didn’t realize there’s a trampoline on the roof of super drug [a retail store], must be all connected somehow!” said one of the Twitter users. Of course, all ended well after she was found being arrested just a few streets ahead, but at what cost, no one knows.

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