Woman leaves partner to strip wallpaper but returns to find he’s made major blunder
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Woman leaves partner to strip wallpaper but returns to find he’s made major blunder

A couple renovating their house have gone viral on social media after the woman shared a look at her partner’s attempt at stripping wallpaper that went very wrong

Woman shocked as partner left to strip walls during renovation


Renovating a house is no easy feat, with lots of work involved and so many things that can go wrong along the way.

We recently heard how one couple discovered a ‘poo pipe ‘ underneath their bedroom floor as they were transforming their 16th-century property.

And now another pair have shared a blunder they experienced while working on their own home.

In a post on TikTok, a woman who posts under the username @walton_reno shared how she had gone out and left her partner to strip the wallpaper from the wall that goes up the stairs.

However, when she returned home, her jaw likely dropped as she saw that things had “gone wrong”.

The clip shows her partner on a ladder on the stairs, working at removing the last bits of wallpaper.

But by the time his partner gets back he has removed much more than just that – as she was greeted with a pile of plaster and rubble on the floor.

The brick wall of the house had been exposed after five hours of work.

She captioned the video: “Wallpaper scraping gone wrong.”

“Imagine my face when I came back to this,” she continued.

The post quickly went viral, being watched over 330,000 times and garnering more than 10,200 likes.

Many also took the time to comment and share their thoughts, with some pointing out that the man had done what he’d set out to do as there was no longer any wallpaper on the wall.

One person replied: “To be fair the wallpaper is stripped…”

Another wrote: “This happened in my 70s house, the plastering was so bad it just fell off.”

“The wallpaper is no longer on the wall, I’d say job well done,” joked a third.

Someone else said: “It’s called doing a job so bad you never get asked again!!”

A different user added: “Bet that will look better than any wallpaper or paint once you repoint it.”

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