Woman leaves Reddit users in hysterics after sharing morning cuppa blunder

Not everyone is a morning person.

So if you’re one of those people who struggle to keep their eyes open before 10 am, we feel you.

One woman recently showed off her morning struggle, which left thousands of Reddit users in stitches.

Posting on the online forum, the woman, known as Hariibocupcake, shared a snap of her awkward blunder.

In the photo, she showed the inside of her mug, which had a tea bag along with a bit of Krave cereal.

She captioned the post: “Tell me you’re not awake yet without telling me you’re not awake yet.”

And the picture says it all.

The woman accidentally put cereal in her morning cuppa
(Image: Reddit)

Since she shared the fail online, it racked up 9,100 upvotes with hundreds of comments.

One wrote: “I saw my housemate do that with a pizza once, and it wasn’t even morning.”

Another social media fan admitted: “Lol, I once poured the chocolate sauce over chili chicken instead of the chili sauce.”

A third Reddit user commented: “Same. Kettle in the fridge.”

Woman looking tired sitting on sofa
The female joked she wasn’t a morning person
(Image: Getty Images)

While a pregnant user said: “I have baby brain and put the pack of Lurpack into the dishwater this morning. Oops.”

And a fifth suggested: “Now pour some orange juice on top for good measure.”

Meanwhile, one Reddit user couldn’t help but share a pun under the photo, as they said: “You’re really kraving some tea.”

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