Woman left baffled after claiming she spotted strange blue UFO on late-night drive

Levi Highcock, 24, of St Helen’s, Merseyside, spotted what she said was a UFO, a blue-coloured flying object, on Wednesday in St Helens, Merseyside, after pulling up to take a snap of the near-full Moon

Levi Hickcock, 24, said she was on a drive with a friend when she took her camera out to snap the Moon

A woman has been left baffled after she claimed she had captured an image of a UFO hovering in the evening sky while taking a friend on a late-night drive.

At around 10pm on Wednesday, Levi Highcock, 24, pulled over in her car to take a picture of the Moon, which was full just a couple of nights ago, Liverpool Echo reports.

She initially used Snapchat to get the shot, but quickly switched to her main camera’s night-time mode to get a better quality image.

Looking at the picture afterwards, Levi and her friend were shocked to see what appears to be a blue-coloured flying saucer in the sky over St Helens, Merseyside.

Levi told the Liverpool Echo: “I was taking a picture on Snapchat and I couldn’t see anything in the snap so I took a picture with the night mode on my camera and I could see this blue thing in the sky.

Levi was out on a drive with a friend when she stopped to take a photo of the odd-looking unidentified object floating in the Merseyside sky


Levi Highcock)

“I couldn’t see any lights around it or anything, you can just see the blue thing in the sky. I was just taking a picture of the Moon while we were out because I thought it looked nice.

“I was just out for a drive with my friend.”

The woman said she posted the snap on a local Facebook group, hoping someone would agree with her suspicions or chime in with their own sightings.

She said: “We were just like oh, my god, it does look like a UFO. It does look like a ship, it doesn’t look like a plane or a light, it looks like a UFO.

“I sort of believe in them. I’m not a strong believer but I do believe there are aliens out there and stuff like that.

“It’s interesting. You can see it but it was strange. I believe more now I can see it.”

Just 10 days ago, a resident of Canary Wharf in East London shared a video showing mysterious flashing lights from beneath the surface of the River Thames.

One joked that it was a UFO while others absurdly suggested Pixar character Nemo was responsible for the glowing light.

Elsewhere, at the end of July, a man on a passenger flight circulated a clip reportedly showing a shapeshifting alien craft plummeting towards the ground.

At the end of July, a man on a passenger flight circulated a clip showing what appeared to be a UFO plummeting towards the ground

Conspiracy theorist “Disclose Screen The Grimreefar” shared a video clip of the sighting after he was sent it by a German tourist, who watched the object, that he believes to be a UFO, for seven minutes.

In the clip, which was captured on a Nikon P900 camera, a white illuminating object is seen flying at a higher altitude than the plane, changing shape multiple times, as reports the Daily Star.

At one point it is straight and then it turns into a Y-shaped figure, and the YouTube vlogger believes that what had been caught on camera could be a “plasma-based life form” on Earth.

Earlier this month, a man who claims to be a “time traveller from 2714” said Aliens would land on earth “tomorrow”, which was August 11.

TikTok account aesthetictimewarper said that on Wednesday, August 11, aliens will land on earth as the earth passes through the densest part of the Perseid shower.

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