Woman Left Frustrated After Her Account Gets Hacked & Bank Delays Their Actions

In a world defined by cut-throat competition and inflation, making ends meet can sometimes seem like a daunting task. For people who happen to be the only breadwinners of their family, losing their sole means of sustenance can be nerve-racking.

Laurette Turner went through the same trauma when her bank left her hanging after a hack. She explained to 12 On Your Side how difficult it became for her to support her family with absolutely no money in hand.

Turner had used her Walmart money card issued by Green Dot Bank in early August but couldn’t draw out money from the ATM. Talking to 12 On Your Side, she further shared:

“I have been having a Walmart money card for many many years, I usually get paid 5 days before my social security comes in so that is why I kept the card.”

The Henrico woman explained that she was taken aback to discover someone with an unknown email had done an electronic funds transfer, following which her bank account was hacked.

She then reported the issue to her bank and told them to block her card. The Green Dot Bank informed her that she could receive provisional credit for the $500 drawn from her account, provided she sent a letter to the bank elaborating on the incident.

The Henrico woman has also filed a claim with Federal Reserve Bank, and her loved ones have set up an online fund to help her support her household. 

Turner then sent a detailed letter to the bank. However, days went by, and she didn’t hear from them. When she contacted them again, they denied receiving a letter from her, so she sent another certified letter, ensuring the bank got it this time.

Once again, she was informed that the bank hadn’t received any certified letter from her. Turner then kept contacting the bank and got hold of a corporate representative, who told her she would receive provisional credit for her money on August 20. She also added:

“This is the second time this has happened to me, the first time was Mother’s Day 2018. I got my money back much quicker.”

The Henrico mom and grandma kept waiting aimlessly for nearly a month to receive her money on September 9, further adding that it was the second time her Walmart Green Dot money card had been hacked.

Turner revealed how her account getting hacked and the delay in receiving money influenced her family. Not getting the $500 on time meant that she couldn’t do back-to-school shopping for her grandkids or support her household. She further explained:

“I am helping my son raise two children that lost their mother and I am helping my daughter raise her daughter. That is my retirement [they took], that is all I get for myself (sic).”

Turner said she shared the experience to raise awareness and help people like her who had been scammed. She also said that she’s still clueless about how money was drawn out from her account without her credentials.

Online scams such as bank accounts getting hacked have become the order of the day in recent times. Cyber Security Expert A.J. Mojaddidi shared that hackers know a myriad of ways to hack accounts.

However, with smart ways like 2-factor authentication, users can benefit from an extra security layer to log into their accounts. This process involves receiving an input code on your email or phone number, following which you can access your personal account.

As for Turner, she shared that she would not continue to bank with Green Dot. The Henrico woman has also filed a claim with Federal Reserve Bank, and her loved ones have set up an online fund to help her support her household.


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