Woman left gobsmacked by boyfriend’s proposal after odd dream the night before

Luke Raynor, 29, from Kelbrook, in Lancashire, successfully popped the question to girlfriend Jade Smith, 26, on a beautiful Cornish beach after dating for four years

Luke created the perfect proposal for girlfriend Jade (Image: BPM MEDIA)

It sounds like a plot straight out of a rom-com, but a man’s proposal to his girlfriend followed an eerie dream she’d had the night before.

Luke Raynor, 29, pulled off the ultimate beach proposal for girlfriend Jade Smith – with a beautiful message written in the sand as a surprise.

The couple from Kelbrook, in Lancashire, have been together four years and Luke decided that Cornwall would be the perfect location to pop the question.

He enlisted a local sand artist to write a message on the beach, which they couple viewed from the cliff edge at Gwithian Towans, Cornwall Live reports.

The sweet message read ‘Jade, will you marry me?’ – and happily, she said yes.

But ahead of the proposal, a few things went awry, including the weather conditions, meaning Luke had to cancel the overhead plane he had hoped the couple would view the message from.

Then on the way to the proposal, Jade started describing her dream from the night before, where Luke proposed with an “awful ring” made from wire and feathers.

The community staff nurse and Jade’s family were left in stitches and trying not to giggle as she described the dream – where the Titanic theme song played in the background.

Luke says he then struggled to get Jade to the beach for 10 am, as she asked why they needed to be out so early.

“Cornwall has been the place where Jade has been going on holiday since being a young girl,” said Luke. “Following booking the holiday I felt that it would therefore be the perfect place to pop the question.

“I have been following [sand artist] Chris Howarth on social media. His art is amazing. I decided to contact Chris in January to arrange the surprise.

“Following the booking, Chris and I wanted to take the surprise to the next level and booked a plane flight which would fly over Gwithian beach.

“However, due to the weather on Thursday 19, we couldn’t do this therefore we went to plan B. I made contact with Chris and we arranged times around the tide.”

Chris had to begin creating the artwork at 8 am in order to be ready for the couple’s arrival at 10 am.

Luke continued: “Jade was a nightmare, asking questions about why we were going to the beach so early. She wanted her breakfast. She didn’t want to walk to the cliff edge because she was wearing her flip flops.

“Jade loves animals and the only way to get her over to view the artwork was to say I could see a seal. The artwork was amazing from the cliff edge.

“This is when I got down on one knee. We then joined Chris the artist down on the beach to look at the artwork closer. Amazing. Such a gentleman. We had photos and popped open a bottle of fizz.”

Counsellor Jade said: “Apparently I’m very gullible as so much has happened which I could have twigged onto. We were in the car on the way to the beach and I was telling Luke, my mum and siblings, about a dream I had the night before.

“I had dreamt that Luke proposed with an awful ring made out of wire and feathers. The Titanic theme tune was playing in the background as he did this in the dream.

“Apparently everyone in the car was trying not to laugh as they all knew we were on our way to the beach so Luke could propose and I was completely oblivious.

“I have been nagging Luke for ages to get engaged and he always let me down gently by saying ‘one day but not yet’ so I was not expecting it to be anytime soon.

“I was also not expecting it to be so extravagant. I can’t believe he managed to pull it off as he is terrible at keeping secrets.

“He’s definitely hidden the stress very well and I’m still in shock from the proposal.”

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