Woman Livid after Husband’s Grandmother Dropped Their Infant Son and Tries to Downplay It

A working mom gets a call from her husband’s paternal grandma, who informs her about her baby’s “minor” injury on his head. The mother has her doubts when the baby bawls and asks the grandma to call an ambulance. Shockingly, the grandmother downplays the entire incident and acts as though the baby was perfectly fine. 

Reddit mom justdoingmybest93 was horrified when her husband’s grandmother dropped her three-month-old son on his head and didn’t regret being so unapologetic and casual about the incident.

However, even worse was the fact the grandma showed no remorse or concern for the toddler and humorously assured the distressed mom her baby would be fine and there was nothing to worry about.


Any mom who hears her toddler bawling in the background over a phone call would feel the world turn upside down. She’d worry about what had happened to the kid. That’s what Reddit mom justdoingmybest93 felt when she was over the phone with her husband’s grandma, who told her baby had “just” tumbled.

When the mom reached the hospital, the doctors had a piece of shocking news for her.

She heard her son bawling in the background, and her instincts warned her that something was awry with her baby. The mother asked the grandma to call an ambulance, but the older woman’s reaction made her suspicious.

The mom was at her workplace when she got the phone call from her husband’s grandmother. Though the older woman assured her the baby was alright, the mother had her doubts. The mother pushed further, and that’s when the grandma confessed the baby hurt his head. OP explained:

“She started handwaving it with “I don’t think we need to bother with an ambulance.”

The mom told the grandma to call an ambulance as she suspected something was awry with the kid. But the grandmother refused and told her the boy was perfectly alright.

The Redditor was unsettled and called the ambulance herself. Moments later, her boss drove her to the hospital, and she learned how the grandma dropped the baby while walking down the stairs.

The grandmother had not only dropped the baby, but she’d also wasted time calling her son instead of informing the toddler’s parents about the incident. Whenever a baby is hurt, it’s best to notify the parents first. But here, the grandma thought it unnecessary to spread the word to the boy’s parents and added more fuel to the feud.

When the mom reached the hospital, the doctors had a piece of shocking news for her. They informed her how lucky her baby was because a fall like this would’ve been life-threatening. Shockingly enough, had the grandma delayed to call an ambulance, the aftermath could’ve been harrowing. OP said:

“We’re so incredibly lucky. The doctor said a fall like that could have easily caused a life-threatening brain injury.”

Despite knowing she was wrong, the grandmother never admitted her mistake and stood her ground that OP overreacted to the situation and enraged her further.


The mom was furious with the grandma but felt she had the right to know her baby was alright. But the older woman reciprocated in a sarcastic attitude which eventually infuriated the mother. Unable to tolerate the grandma’s careless attitude, the mom guilt-tripped her, saying she wasn’t yet sure if the baby would make it. She said:

“Her condescending tone and blasé attitude to my son’s safety pissed me off, so I said, “actually we’re still not sure if he’s going to make it.”

The lie prompted the apologetic and shocking reaction the parents had wanted. The grandmother feared the worst and apologized for her mistake. She felt guilty and distressed for being so casual about her great-grandson. The Redditor’s husband called his father and grandmother to inform his baby was fine, causing a rift in the family.


The Reddit mom decided not to let her husband’s grandma babysit her toddler again and hoped she would be more cautious about the safety of the other children she tends to. The mom took to a Reddit forum where people share stories of behavior that landed them in trouble, seeking the public’s opinion on who was wrong.

She claimed her husband’s grandmother had a full-on attitude. Still, she never imagined it would extend to childcare, emphasizing how “condescending” she sounded when she called her to inform about her baby.

The mom’s post amassed several opinions from Redditors from the online community who advised her not to let the grandma near the child.

Several Redditors flooded to the comment section to vote who was in the wrong. The consensus was that the grandmother deserved to feel guilty about the horrific incident. Many people even advised OP not to allow the grandmother near her baby again.

Some people realize why it’s essential not to allow careless people near their children. Working parents mostly hire a nanny or feel relaxed knowing that an elder tends to their baby in their absence.

But what if the elder whom you trusted your kid with turns out to be arrogant and careless about your kid’s safety? That’s where most people don’t realize the danger, as user keen238 claims:


When your parents aren’t involved in your child’s life as you’d expected, it’s time to find out what may be going on to avoid problems in the long run. For instance, you’d think they’d know more about parenting or babysitting than you do because they are your parents or grandparents.

Even Redditor justdoingmybest93 assumed her husband’s grandmother would tend to her kid owing to the older woman’s experience with parenting. But the grandma was so casual despite knowing the baby was hurt and needed immediate medical attention.

Sometimes, it can be puzzling and hurtful why certain people in your house, even grandparents, are negligent towards your kid. Shockingly, many parents who expected their parents would be hands-on grandparents have admitted to being bewildered by their lack of interest.

It turns out there are plenty of ways to find a middle ground with grandparents who are less inclined to their grandkids. The best idea is to talk to them about how you expect them to take care of your baby.

Also, discussing how well they cared for their children might help them reminisce the importance of taking good care of children instead of being careless and stereotypical.

Asking them about the sort of commitment they have in mind for your kid may sound like an oddly formal question, but the more information you have, the less anxious you’ll feel later. You’d also judge whether they’d make good babysitters for your child when you’re away.

Do you think the Reddit mom is justified for lying to her husband’s grandmother about the severity of her baby’s injury? How would you react if you were in a dire situation like this? We’d love to know your opinions. Thanks for reading!


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