Woman makes an epic dino nugget and baked bean volcano for her tea but people are horrified at one thing

WINNING PRAISE for her artistic dinner creation, one woman’s baked beans and mash have gone viral.

Using vegan dino nuggets, and surrounding her “mash potato volcano” with peas and broccoli a woman shows how she turned simple beans and mash into an epic meal.


The womans’ video has over two million viewsCredit: Tiktok/@amyspencer49
The simple baked beans are the final touch


The simple baked beans are the final touchCredit: Tiktok/@amyspencer49

Taking to her TikTok account, the woman reveals that this meal that your kids would love was in fact not made for children.

She captioned the post “We are adults, honestly.”

She also stated that this was a vegan meal, using Quorn roarsoms vegan dinosaurs.

The mash volcano sat in the middle of the plate, as she poured baked beans into it.

She added Jurrasic Park theme music to the video, which has racked up a whopping 2.6 million views.

The post also has gained over 128k likes and has been met with a range of comments from impressed TikTok users.

“What a superb way to have your children eat exciting and imaginative meals, whether people criticise or not, kids see a whole different context” one person commented.

“Dinner for champions” commented another.

Some viewers however have pointed out one thing that horrifies them – the fact that the woman is mixing peas and beans together.

One viewer commented: “Sorry but you don’t have baked beans with peas. Well, I don’t.”

Another said: “No please not peas and beans and IS THAT broccoli.”

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The creation is sure to be a winner for your kids.


The creation is sure to be a winner for your kids.Credit: Times Newspapers Ltd


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