Woman Makes PowerPoint To Tell Her Parents She’s a Stripper

TikToker @mildwestsami posted a video on Tuesday of her sister giving a PowerPoint presentation to their parents informing them of her stripping career

The video features her sister, @lex1898, prefacing the announcement of “her secret” by stating, “Before you start worrying, or get excited, this secret pertains to my life, doesn’t affect anyone… what the secret does mean: I’m talented I’m cool I’m powerful. What the secret doesn’t mean: I’m pregnant or in danger.”

She goes on to explain the ins and outs of her stripping career, why she loves her job, various aspects of stripping, and addresses safety concerns. The hilarious PowerPoint is illustrated with straight-laced photos of white collar professionals interspersed with rap memes.

The video has over 352,000 views so far, with the majority of the 3,292 comments applauding @lex1898 for being honest and a boss about how she makes her money.

“The powerpoint was so concise and informative i love it,” said @jgaly.

Viewers also lauded@lex1898’s parents for being “so supportive.” “It just adds more color to the flavor of the family,” the dad says at the end of the clip.

“For anyone wondering, my dads only question was how much money you makin… they’re seriously the best and earned the trust and respect we share,” @lex1898 followed up in the comments.

@mildwestmiami also supported her sister, captioning the video: “Jokes aside our parents are the literal best, my mom said ‘I’m surprised how proud I am’ … #hotgirlshit #getthatbagsis.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to @mildwestsami and @lex1898.


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