Woman mortified after DIY fringe cut goes badly wrong leaving her looking like ‘Simon from the Inbetweeners’

IF there’s one thing our time in isolation has taught us, it’s that we should avoid attempting to cut our own hair – especially if you’re completely untrained in the skill.

But regardless of this, one woman recently filmed herself attempting to cut herself a fringe at home.


Adele gave herself a DIY fringe but it didn’t go to planCredit: adelegrieve2/TikTok

And it went horribly wrong…

Adele Grieve filmed herself trying to cut a fringe but instead she ended up with a style she wasn’t expecting.

Adele Grieve posted the video to her TikTok account, ‘adelegrieve2’ with the caption: ‘I shall not take up hairdressing as a career.’

We see Adele sitting down and brushing out her hair, as she gets ready for her trim.

The amateur hair stylist then uses her kitchen scissors to cut herself a fringe.

But as she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror, she burst out laughing at the sight of her new look, and quickly realised she’d made a terrible mistake – one she couldn’t take back.

Adele then tried to work out how to make the best of a bad situation and attempted to style her newly-cut fringe with a Dyson Airwrap styler.

But Adele looks even more mortified at the final result.

Clearly the video has got numerous people laughing as it has racked up over 41.6k views.

It has 1,297 likes, 26 comments and it has been shared 44 times.


Many were quick to comment at how funny the video and Adele’s new hairstyle was.

One person said: “The ending is Simon from Inbetweeners.”

Another added: “I am howling.”

A third commented: “Hahahahahaha.”

Adele was left mortified at the result


Adele was left mortified at the resultCredit: adelegrieve2/TikTok

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