Woman mortified after fat-shaming mother-in-law makes digs at her weight

Building a relationship with your in-laws isn’t always simple.

Some might genuinely get along with their partner’s parents, while others have serious issues.

Now one woman has revealed how she cut her toxic mother-in-law out of her life after she started calling her names.

Posting on Facebook, social media fans were left shocked when the wife said she had been fat-shamed by her husband’s mum.

After months of harsh exchanges, the woman posted an update saying she had completely cut her in-law off.

She said she didn’t want negativity on her life anymore.

The wife was furious when the mother-in-law pointed out her son’s ex-girlfriends were slimmer than her.

The man stuck up for his wife

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Her mother-in-law said the outfit she was wearing made her look like a cow, which led to the husband becoming angry.

The comment was the last straw for the couple, with the husband saying he no longer wanted his mum in his life.

And not holding back, the son told his mum that his wife was more supportive than she ever was to him.

Since the situation was shared on social media, it racked up dozens of likes and comments.

One wrote: “You look beautiful!! Misery needs company and she’s a disgusting human being! Also, yesssss to your husband.”

Another added: “That is overwhelming. I’m glad your husband stood up for you.”

A third shared: “My MIL sent private snaps she found of me to the family and told people she hoped my son looked just like his dad.

“My fiancé did the exact same as yours. He hasn’t spoken to her in a long time.”


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