Woman raging as she’s ‘sent incorrect item twice by Missguided’

There have been no shortage of fashion fails this month.

Last week, a woman bought a jumper from PrettyLittleThing that made her look like ‘Slenderman’.

And another customer received some extreme oversized shorts that made her look like ‘Simon Cowell’.

Just when we thought online shopping drama had stopped, Missguided started facing heat on TikTok.

TikTok user @lorenh took to the social media platform to accuse the online retailer of sending her a shirt that looks very different to the one online.

The first clip shows the oversized green shirt that Loren ordered from the online fashion site.

The shirt Loren ordered
(Image: tiktok.com/@by.loren)

However, Loren was in for a shock as when she received the shirt it looked completely different to what she had originally ordered.

She captioned the video: “Bro you can’t be serious.”

Loren compares the two shirts showing how different they actually are.

The image on the model shows the shirt is “clearly a button down”, while the top Loren received has “no buttons” and is “3/4 length”.

Meanwhile, the long sleeves she expected were actually short and cuffed in real life.


green shirt
Loren shows that there is buttons on the shirt
(Image: tiktok.com/@by.loren)
green shirt
The TikTok user shows that the shirt has no buttons and is cropped in length, unlike the image on the website
(Image: tiktok.com/@by.loren)
green sleeves
Loren shows off the very different sleeves on the green shirt opposed to the one on the model
(Image: tiktok.com/@by.loren)


Even the colour of the item is different as it is a brighter green to the one in the promotional image.

Missguided listed the controversial product as a “mint embossed towelling oversized shirt” that is priced at £32.

Loren looks less than impressed as she tries the shirt on and sticks her middle fingers up to the camera.

The clip has since garnered 71,000 views and 6,000 likes.

People quickly took to the comment section to share how shocked they were at the order.

One user commented: “They Missguided you.”

green shirt on woman
Loren expected to get the same shirt she ordered
(Image: tiktok.com/@by.loren)

Another person added: “Literally not the same at all but also it’s still kinda cute lol.”

A third person wrote: “It’s a completely different colour as well.”

Someone else advised Loren to “contact” Missguided.

She took this advise – but says she received the wrong item AGAIN.

Loren tagged the brand and captioned the video: “Do you expect people to think these are the same.”

green shirt on woman
Loren shows TikTok how different the shirt is in real life
(Image: tiktok.com/@by.loren)

One person commented: “Omg how can they do you like that twice.”

And another added: “Omg JOKE why do they think this is acceptable?”

Loren replied to one user in the comments and claimed that she had: “Messaged them and they’ve said it appears our picture is wrong and you have received the correct item.”

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