Woman Receives 17 Injections To Have Biggest Lips In The World

A woman receives 17 injections to get the biggest lips in the world.

A 22-year-old beauty junkie from Bulgaria underwent a quadruple lip enhancing procedure. She shocked the world by uploading pictures on social media. She was seen pouting her new, swollen lips away.

But the thing that caused even more speculation was her cry for more. Yes, the Bulgarian beauty enthusiast says she’s not done yet.

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Bulgarian woman wants the biggest lips in the world

A 22-year old student from Bulgaria, Andrea Ivanova, revealed to the world her ambitious transformation. The obsessive beauty junkie states how she underwent a grand 15 injection procedure. Hyaluronic acid injections are designed to increase lip size.

Andrea described how her transformation began last year. Since then, she has received numerous injections as a part of the treatment plan.

Since the procedure, Andrea has undergone another 2 more injections. This has brought her lip size up by almost 4 times. Hence, the name quadruple. But that’s not all for Andrea. The young student claims how she plans to receive one more injection appointment. This will make her the biggest lips in the world.

22-year-old believes biggest lips in the world will make her appear ‘prettier’

Displaying her new pout, Andrea believes big lips make her appear ‘prettier.’ And this is the reason why she visited a number of clinics. The student wants the perfect pout and hence claimed will do anything to get it.

Andrea is quoted as saying. “I like my lips now more than before. I feel very good and very happy with my new lips, because according to me with bigger lips, I look prettier. 

She further went on to say: “I have visited almost all clinics for aesthetic procedures in the Bulgarian capital of Sofia and I put almost all kinds of lips fillers (in my lips). 

Woman Might Have Biggest Lips In The World After 17 injections
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Bulgarian student loses track of money spent on reaching the biggest lips in the world

Cosmetic procedures like lip enhancements don’t come cheap. It’s no wonder why many A-list stars can afford them. But that doesn’t seem to be bothering Andrea,

The Bulgarian student states that she has lost track of money spent on the procedures. On average, each treatment costs a whopping 134 pounds. This surmounts to 2000 pounds for achieving that perfect pout.

But money doesn’t seem to be bothering Andrea. The student seems adamant to continue on reaching her goal of the biggest lips in the world.

Before and after 17 injections for biggest lips in the world
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Despite online criticism, the woman states she won’t ‘stop at nothing’ to reach her goal

The 22-year-old Bulgarian says she will stop at nothing to achieve her goal.

Andrea has been regular with her transformation postings on social media. The student claims many people follow her journey. Some approve while others don’t. But she could care less. Andrea went on to state the number of mixed reactions she gets.

Some followers complement her outfits, style, and vision while others her lips. She also claimed that most criticism she has received is from her female fan followers.

Despite all the negativity, Andrea insists she loves her appearance. Other than that, she has become immune to critical comments. She went on to state the following, “I’m broad minded and I think people should be free to choose which one is for them- the big, bigger or too big. 

It’s still unclear how many more injections needed for the Bulgarian student’s dream. But one thing is for sure, she is confident to receive the title of the biggest lips in the world. Her ‘no boundaries’ statement supports this. 

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