Woman Recreates Actor Nicole Kidman’s Iconic Divorce Look; People Share Their Stories

Liz Maupin, a Los Angeles based writer and producer, celebrated her divorce party by recreating Hollywood actor Nicole Kidman’s iconic divorce look.

A Los Angeles-based writer and producer decided to celebrate the end of her troubled marriage in what could be termed as the most savage way one could ever imagine to do. Liz Maupin threw a divorce party as soon as it was finalised on Monday. Not only did she throw a party but she also tried to celebrated in actor ‘Nicole Kidman style,’ wearing the same kind of outfit the latter had worn on her day of divorce with Tom Cruise. “DID i get Nicole Kidman’s divorce outfit created for a party for the day my divorce is final? yes i did [sic},” read the caption of the photo which was shared by Maupin on Twitter. The post has created quite a buzz on social media platforms.

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Post propelled others to share divorce stories

Since being shared on Monday, the post has attracted netizens’ reactions and also encouraged some of them to their divorce stories. As of now, the post has gathered 1 million likes, more than 4,700 retweets and a number of comments.  Sharing her divorce story, one of the users wrote, “My divorce was finalised on my birthday due to my ex messing up some paperwork. He asked if I would agree to bringing the date forward by a month and I was nope, it’s going to be the best ever birthday present to myself [sic].” “Did you find it true that the saddest day of your life is when you decide you need to get divorced, and the happiest is when the divorce is finalized?[sic],” asked another. “Now i have to get married and then divorced and throw a party on the day its finalised and take a picture wearing that outfit and holding the shot of you in this shot holding a picture of nicole kidman in the same outfit [sic],” expressed a third.

Here are some reactions by users:

Recently a video had gone viral on the internet showing Hollywood actor Jennifer Aniston’s lookalike lip-syncing to a dialogue from the popular American TV show Friends. The woman featuring in the video is Lisa Tranel who is a fitness studio manager from Oklahoma in the United States. Her resemblance to the actor left the netizens stunned. The video was shared on the official Instagram page of the show (Friends) where Tranel was seen imitating Rachel Green, the character played by Aniston in the sitcom. Rachel Green is a popular character in the show which has been portrayed by Jennifer Aniston.


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