Woman regrets wearing green on London Eye as photo leaves people in stitches

TikTok user Alyxmeade went viral after sharing her wardrobe blunder during a visit to the London Eye, with her green shorts proving to be an issue when she posed for a professional photo

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Woman’s body disappears in London Eye green screen picture

A woman who hoped to look picture-perfect for her trip on the London Eye was left regretting her outfit due to the unfortunate colour of her shorts.

TikTok user Alyxmeade uploaded a clip of her clothing, consisting of a white top, green shorts, a green bag and a pair of trainers, with the caption: ‘When you think your outfit is cute but wanna go on the London Eye’.

Her mistake then becomes apparent when the video moves on to show the professional photo she had taken, with her legs completely disappearing in the photo as they blend into the green screen, leaving her as a floating body when she poses with a friend, as reported by Daily Star.

With plenty of viewers left baffled as to why there was a green screen in the first place, she explained: “So before you go on the London Eye they take a green screen photo so it looks like you’re on the London Eye with a cute background.”

Viewers thanked her for the heads-up not to wear green



She was left just as a floating body



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The video was titled ‘Green screen doing me dirty’ and has racked up more than 1.7 million views, with some people thanking her for alerting them to the issue, as one person wrote: “I’m in London now so thanks for this tip cos I defo won’t be wearing green.”

But others used it as inspiration, with a second writing: “No cause I’m about to go to the London Eye in full green from the neck down.”

A third said: “You gotta go in with a green jumpsuit next time.”

And others shared their own similar experiences, with one replying: “This happened to me at the London Eye, I was a floating head.”

Another wrote: “Try it with half a head of green hair… safe to say I didn’t get the pictures at the end.”

And someone else added: “Even worse when I wore a green top up the Empire State and had a profession photo taken. It looked like I was wearing the Empire State.”

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