Woman reveals cheap brow dying that really works and will save you a ton of money

EYEBROWS are an incredibly important feature of the face and can help frame your face perfectly.

Over the last few years, there has been a surge in women going to the salon to get their brows microbladed, tattooed and tinted.


Tilly used beard dye on her browsCredit: TikTok/@tilly_ferrari

The cost of an at-home brow tint varies between £5 to £30 depending on what product you buy, and most come in a teeny tiny tube you can only get a few applications out of.

Luckily one beauty-obsessed woman has shared on her TikTok account, tilly_ferrari, how you can dye your brows at home for a fraction of the price with beard dye.

Tilly, who lives in London, saw a comment under her video telling her to try the hack which she immediately did.

“I’m excited because this comes in a medium brown not just a dark brown which is amazing.

“You also get 35ml instead of 6ml.

“First I always go round with this Weleda Skin Food just stops any potential staining around your eyebrow.

“So this comes pre-mixed, so I can apply it straight to my eyebrow.”

Tilly uses an angle brush to apply the beard dye to her eyebrows.

She leaves the solution on her brows for ten minutes, but takes the front third off after five minutes to create an ombre effect.

Once the product is removed, Tilly says there is no stainage to her skin and that she loves the hack.

Tilly uses Just For Men beard dye which costs around £6 in stores.

Not only will the hack save you money in the long run, it also comes in a few more shades of brown than most brow-tint kits, meaning you can find your perfect shade.

One user wrote: “I’ve had my box well over a year and still plenty left. Lasts much longer than Eyelure that I used to use as well.”

Another user replied: “Been using this instead of Eyelure for years. Don’t let the secret out!”

A third user commented: “YES!! Why did I not think of this!”

As with any hair dying solution, you should always test a patch of skin before to ensure it does not cause a reaction.

Tilly was left super impressed by the hack and loved her brows after


Tilly was left super impressed by the hack and loved her brows afterCredit: TikTok/@tilly_ferrari

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