Woman reveals extreme lengths she went to make her husband do the dishes and people are very divided

HAVE you ever felt like, in your household, you’re pretty much the only one who does anything to keep it running?

Well, this woman went to extreme measures to show her husband that she needed more help around the home, and people are divided on whether it was a good idea or if it went too far.


A woman went to extremes to get her husbands to clean moreCredit: Getty – Contributor
The couple is currently not talking


The couple is currently not talkingCredit: Getty

Taking to Reddit, a woman who wanted to remain anonymous, asked people if she was in the wrong for the extreme measures.

“I have been married to my current husband for 3 years now. My husband and I both work, and split bills,” she said, giving out some context.

“For the first year of our marriage, I didn’t mind doing housework, cause he was the only one providing money for the house. But now, I decided that I’d like some extra income for us to be able to do more stuff together. My husband agreed that would like the extra money too.”

The woman revealed she took a second job while still doing the housework – though she asked him for more help around the home.

“He agreed, and at first it was fine but slowly he started slacking off. Dishes wouldn’t be done, laundry would stay in the washing machine so long that it would need to be rehashed again. He even started leaving his dishes around the house for me to pick up like he used to,” she explained.

“Every time I’ve brought this up to him he’s said ‘What are you talking about? If anything I do most of the work. Things wouldn’t get done around here if I didn’t do them.’

“So I stopped doing stuff. Since he did everything, I decided to just let him do it.

“Of course, the dishes started piling again, laundry wasn’t done, the bathrooms started getting really nasty. Roaches were starting to start a nest under the sink. When my husband finally saw the roaches, that was his final straw.

“He demanded to know why stuff wasn’t getting done and my only comment was ‘I was just letting you do it since you do everything.'”

Following their confrontation, she claimed that he simply left for work before she actually got to cleaning once more.

At the end of the day, he “apologized and said my point was proved, but that I was absolutely disgusting for letting it get this bad.

“He said: ‘This isn’t the cleanly wife that I know.’

“Part of me does feel disgusting but I feel like he’s only saying that because I stood up for myself and he doesn’t know how to take it.

“We currently are not on talking terms, but he has started to help me more.”

Following her lenghty post, people began to take sides – some agreed with the wife, while others demanded to know why she let it get so bad.

One user wrote: “He definitely isn’t a cleanly husband. His attitudes are sexist and condescending. I would stay on strike until he grows up.”

A second one chimed in: “He says ‘cleanly’ but I heard ‘subservient.'”

And a third one said: “Also OP, why did you let it get this bad??? How about why did he let it get this bad? I know some men tend to disregard what is literally before their eyes, but seriously?? Blaming you? He’s got some balls.”

A fourth one added: “OP, your husband should not be ‘helping you’ do chores. You are both working adults.

“Why do you have to work and take care of the house? If he ‘helps’ you, should you thank for his help? He isn’t helping you. He should be doing housework, period.”

She said that he never cleaned


She said that he never cleanedCredit: Getty – Contributor
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