Woman reveals how she caught her boyfriend cheating by his SLEEP talking

LISTENING to your partner sleep talk can often be an entertaining experience, but one woman has revealed how it helped her figure out her boyfriend was cheating.

TikTok user Bailey Hunter shared a story with her followers about how her now ex-boyfriend once said the first and last name of another woman while he was sleeping.


Bailey revealed how she found out her boyfriend is cheating thanks to something he said while sleep talkingCredit: TikTok/@xbaileyhunter

In a now-viral video, Bailey revealed how what could have been interpreted as something completely innocent, helped her uncover his secret.

While it can often be difficult to figure out what someone is saying when someone’s sleep talking, Bailey said what he said was ‘clear as day’.

“So I get out of bed and I look up this girl on Facebook and I notice she’s married and has kids so I don’t really think too much of it,” she explained.

“When he wakes up in the morning I ask him about her and he’s like ‘oh she’s just some girl I went to high school with’ but I wasn’t fully convinced.”

This led Bailey to message the woman, asking whether she had recently spoken to her boyfriend.

“The way she responded is what put me even more on edge. She was like ‘you need to mind your own business, you’re just his crazy ex-girlfriend’ and I was like ‘excuse me I’m not his ex-girlfriend, he’s living in my house, I’m paying for his phone bill, he drives my car to work, he’s very much my boyfriend’.”

Next, Bailey received a message from a completely different woman that read ‘your boyfriend is in my inbox’.

It was at this point that Bailey decided to do a little more digging.

“Since it’s only my name on the phone plan I’m able to view all of the phone calls from all of the phones on that line,” she said.

“So I start looking through his phone calls and notice a 45-minute phone call with a number I didn’t recognise.


“When I ask him about this he was just like ‘I’ve never made a 45-minute phone call, the company must have made a mistake’.”

It’s safe to say that Bailey didn’t believe his excuse, as she said she had all of the proof she needed to leave him.

She asked him to leave her house, to which she says he gave her a ‘huge sob story’ about how he has nowhere to go.

“Honestly, not my problem, you should have thought about that before. So a couple of days later I’m texting him and asking for the phone back,” Bailey said.

“He told me he already spoke to a cop about it and he’s not giving me my phone back because there’s nothing I can do.

“There may have not been anything I could do to get it back but I decided to report the phone stolen so at least that way he couldn’t use it either.”

Her ex-boyfriend had also left his car at her house, so he told Bailey that he would give her the phone when he came to pick it up.

The day after he said he would be coming over Bailey still hasn’t heard from him, so she decided to contact him, which is when she found out he had blocked her.

“So what did I do? yep, I sell his sh**. I had to pay over $1,200 to cancel the phone line early and to get a new phone so it brought me a little joy that he was at least inconvenienced by this as well,” she revealed, sharing a clip of his car being sold.

“When I posted this on my TikTok last time he had actually commented on the video and then tried to make a video on his TikTok trying to ‘defend himself’.

“But he deleted his TikTok before I could see. everyone in the comments were telling me that it made him look even more guilty.”

Bailey shared a message she received from one woman her boyfriend was trying to talk to


Bailey shared a message she received from one woman her boyfriend was trying to talk toCredit: TikTok/@xbaileyhunter
The TikTok user revealed that she ended up selling his car


The TikTok user revealed that she ended up selling his carCredit: TikTok/@xbaileyhunter

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