Woman reveals how she got her scruffy white trainers of three years sparkling again to last ‘one more summer’

IT CAN be tempting to bin dirty white trainers in favour of a fresh pair – but doing so regularly won’t be doing your bank balance, or the environment, any favours.

One woman has urged TikTok users to stop buying new kicks every six months, and demonstrated how to freshen up your old pair to extend their lifespan.


A woman has revealed how to rescue scruffy white trainersCredit: TikTok/maddykate01

In a viral video, the woman called Maddy explained how she had owned a pair of white Nike Air Force trainers for three years and wanted them to last “one more summer”.

Her thorough clean began by giving them a scrub using the The Pink Stuff’s paste with a toothbrush, as well as a generous coating of the The Pink Stuff’s spray.

She then threw them into the washing machine, and set them off for 30 minutes at 30 degrees.

When the cycle was done, it was time to get rid of the “unforgivable” creases her kicks had developed over time.

I’m going to try this!

TikTok user

Maddy proceeded to put a shoetree inside the trainers and then steam them until smooth.

Showing off the sparkling end result, she wrote: “Good as new.”

Her step-by-step guide – watched 2.6 million times – was popular with social media users, who left more than 370,000 ‘likes’.

One person wrote: “Love this as we need to protect the environment and stop throwing clothes and shoes out when they can be washed and mended.”


Another commented: “Yasssss girl.”

A third shared: “I’m going to try this!”

And a fourth added: “Wait people actually buy new trainers very six months or so just because they are a bit worn?

“I wear my shoes until water starts leaking in.”

The cleaning fan, called Maddy, showed TikTok users how to freshen up old kicks


The cleaning fan, called Maddy, showed TikTok users how to freshen up old kicksCredit: TikTok/maddykate01
This included using The Pink Stuff products


This included using The Pink Stuff productsCredit: TikTok/maddykate01
She also put them in the washing machine


She also put them in the washing machineCredit: TikTok/maddykate01
Social media users were impressed by the results


Social media users were impressed by the resultsCredit: TikTok/maddykate01

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Lads share ‘hack’ for getting their old, dirty trainers sparkling white again leaving people stunned

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