Woman Reveals How She Learned Her Step-Mum Secretly Put Her Baby Up For Adoption


A woman has revealed the terrifying moment she realised her own step-mother had secretly put her unborn baby up for adoption.

TikToker Deseree Rose, who vlogs about ‘my life story of how I survived narcissistic abuse and reclaimed my identity’, recreated the shocking scene in a reconstruction video that has since been liked more than 2.4 million times.

Rose had been out at a shopping mall on the hunt for pretzels when she was approached by a woman she’d never met before.

The woman, who introduced herself as Wendy, told Rose that, although they hadn’t been ‘formally introduced’, she believed ‘that is my grandbaby in your belly’.

Understandably confused by this baffling claim, Rose – who had been nine months pregnant at the time – asked if Wendy was related to her boyfriend John.

At this point Wendy explained that she was ‘Scott’s mother’, as in ‘Scott and Gerry, the couple who are adopting your baby’. Initially assuming Wendy had the wrong person, Rose clarified that her daughter wasn’t up for adoption.

However, it quickly became apparent that her stepmother Linda Rose, who was also Wendy’s hairdresser, had promised Wendy and her family that they could adopt the unborn child, all without Rose’s consent.

Deseree Rose (@deseree_rose/TikTok)@deseree_rose/TikTok

In a follow up video, Rose clarified that it was indeed her stepmother who gave Wendy the wrong idea about her ‘grandbaby’:

Basically, my mother had told this couple that they could adopt my daughter. I had no idea about any of this. Never once did I tell her I wanted to give the baby up for adoption. In fact, I told her that I didn’t want to give the baby up for adoption.

Describing her stepmother as ‘very controlling’, Rose admitted she didn’t know what else to say about the situation, clarifying, ‘I don’t talk to her at all anymore.’

Horrifyingly, Wendy actually approached Rose a second time after her baby girl was born, still convinced that she was looking at her own grandchild.


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