Woman reveals how you can get rid of a love bite using a WHISK and people have been left baffled

A HICKEY has traditionally been a way of showing your love or affection for your partner or significant other.

But they can be quite embarrassing – especially if someone spots the mark on your neck.


Simply use a whisk in circular motions on the areaCredit: thesecrethoebag/TikTok

So just how do you get rid of those pesky love-bites?

We’ve heard about applying an ice pack or a warm compress to the area, but one woman has revealed her hack for getting rid of love bites – and it might shock you.

The woman posted her hack to her TikTok account, ‘thesecrethoebag’.

She shares her three-step routine and it’s pretty straightforward but the internet has been left very confused.

First, she takes a whisk, yes you read that correctly, a whisk.

You may only be used to using your kitchen whisk for mixing up cake batter, but it’s clear they are coming in handy in other ways too.

She turns the whisk in circular motions, directly on the love bite.

Then she uses a green concealer to cover the area.

Next she grabs some concealer that matches her skin tone and blends it in with a beauty blender.

And as simple as that, the love bite is no longer visible.

Who would’ve thought a whisk would come in handy for hiding a love bite?!


Clearly her hack has impressed numerous people as it has racked up over 37.8m views.

It has 2.3m likes, 21.1k comments and 63.5k shares.

One person said: “Guys the whisk does work, I tried it.”

Another added: “Saving this for later.”

A third commented: “I swear it works so well.”

After blending in some concealer no-one would ever know


After blending in some concealer no-one would ever knowCredit: thesecrethoebag/TikTok

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