Woman reveals she puts coffee in her cereal and people are torn as to whether it is genius or disgusting

MANY of us Brits like to start the day with a nice cup of coffee and a big bowl of cereal.

But have you ever thought about putting your coffee in your cereal rather than drinking it separately?


A young woman put coffee in her cereal and has divided the InternetCredit: elizabethmarasco/Tiktok

Well, one TikTok user did just that and she’s sent the Internet crazy.

Elizabeth Marasco posted the video of her making her bowl of cereal to her TikTok account, ‘elizabethmarasco’ and she’s left people very confused.

Many were left torn as to whether her idea is genius or disgusting.

Elizabeth uploaded the video with the caption ‘Anyone else put coffee in their cereal’.

The video shows Elizabeth in her dressing gown, making her morning bowl of cereal.

Instead of just adding milk to her cereal, she first adds COFFEE.

Yes, you read that correctly.

She adds a cup of coffee to her cereal and then adds the milk.

Clearly her breakfast hack has impressed many as it has racked up over 1 million views.

It has 86.7k likes, 1,565 comments and has been shared 1,217 times.

Many were surprised they had never heard of doing this before and called it “genius”.

One person said: “I will be doing this.”

Another added: “I’m so excited to try this, THANKS.”

A third commented: “Wait…that’s a good idea.”


However, not everyone loved the idea.

One person commented: “Mixed feelings about this.”

Another said: “Nah you losing me.”

A third added: “Nooooo.”

Some people thought the hack was genius whereas others were disgusted


Some people thought the hack was genius whereas others were disgustedCredit: elizabethmarasco/Tiktok

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