Woman reveals the genius (and hilarious) way she puts on fake tan

EXPOSING what is probably one of the most pocket-friendly tips ever shared, one woman has told of the amazing hack for applying fake tan.

The woman shared an overheard conversation in Aldi leading to the discovery of one beauty purchase, from the household section of the shop.


Fake tan hack that Is labelled genius found in AldiCredit: Alamy

Posting on Instagram under the account thatgirlpage_ it showed a post from a girl called Georgia, with a picture of a fillable kitchen sponge.

The post read “I was in Aldi earlier and a girl in the middle isle picked one of these up. “

It continued: “She was telling her friend that her housemate used one to put tan on. Sorry, what?”

The thatgirlpaige account labelled the post “genius” and the picture has racked up almost 32 K likes.

The post also has over 600 comments, with many agreeing that is a great beauty hack.

“Oh fab multipurpose” commented one person.

“Love it, will try it out tonight,” said another.

The account has over 581 K followers and shares what they call “memes for girls.”


The kitchen appliance used to apply tan


The kitchen appliance used to apply tan

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I’m in my 30s but people accuse me of being 50 and say I should have tanned less – it’s so cruel


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