Woman reveals why you might hear a call for ‘friends of Bill W’ on the airport tannoy

A WOMAN has revealed the secret code that anyone can use to get support if they are struggling with the amount of alcohol available at the airport.

For someone giving up alcohol, there are a number of challenging times and places; weddings, New Year, holidays and the airport.


If you find airports and flights difficult as there’s so much alcohol around – this tip might helpCredit: TikTok

Both flights and airports are running rampant with booze, with plenty of people stopping for pre-journey beers regardless of the time of day.

Then the addition of free alcohol on a lot of flights makes it a hot zone for recovery relapse.

But influencer Brittany Jade took to TikTok to share the simple code to help people out who are struggling.

She said: “I don’t know about you but airports and aeroplanes used to involve lots of alcohol for me.

“So a little tip I learnt from my sponsor is if you’re struggling, ask the gate agent to page any friend of Bill W to your gate.”

The term “friend of Bill” is common used by those who attend the Alcoholics Anonymous fellowship as Bill Wilson was one of the two founders of the original AA meetings along with Dr Bob.

One person said: “This is really cute, I’d never heard of it.”

Another said: “This is good to know, I’ll be travelling by myself soon for the first time.”

A third added: “I’d miss my flight if it meant leaving someone alone that needed help not drinking. I’ll always come.”

The Influencer shared her sober tip with fellow TikTokers who loved the secret code


The Influencer shared her sober tip with fellow TikTokers who loved the secret codeCredit: TikTok

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