Woman reveals you should NOT kill roaches by squashing them with your shoe – it could actually create an infestation

USUALLY, when you see a bug you don’t particularly want inside your home, your first instinct is to kill them with the nearest object.

Well, that method of getting rid of them could actually be creating an infestation in your home.


A woman revealed on TikTok that you should not squash roaches to kill themCredit: TikTok
Roaches tend to give birth before dying


Roaches tend to give birth before dyingCredit: Getty – Contributor

A TikTok user, who was responding to a video of a woman smashing a roach with a shoe, quickly revealed that this method is ineffective in getting rid of bugs inside your home.

Usually, when roaches are about to die, they “give birth” to their eggs.

However, when you smash the roach, you end up spreading the eggs with the force of the hit and even end up carrying them in the object you used to do the killing.

“So instead of hitting them with your shoe, do this,” she revealed in her video.

“Grab whatever dish soap you have and literally suffocate the motherf**ker.

“You can also mix the soap with water – but this way, the eggs won’t spread and you won’t get any more roaches.”

Another method to get rid of pesky bugs, specifically mosquitoes, is by spreading soap in different areas.

In a video, mom and housewife JoJo shared: “If I take Irish Spring soap, shred it up, and sprinkle it around outside where I’m going to be sitting, it’s going to keep the bugs away.”

The blonde TikTok star shredded a bar in her kitchen before putting it in a bowl, adding: “It smells phenomenal.”

She then proceeded to spread it around her patio, specifically around a spot she was going to be sitting for the rest of the sunny afternoon.

“Since it’s summer and finally hot in Minnesota, I’m hoping it’s really going to work.”

The soap smell also keeps other pests away, including mice and flies.

You should, instead, use dish soap to kill them


You should, instead, use dish soap to kill themCredit: TikTok

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